Turkish Drainage Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish drainage, Turkey drainage manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality drainage from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

CEMILOGLU INS. VE YAPI MALZEMELERI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Serkan Rıfat KOÇAK    
s contracting services, decoration, drainage, external facade, helicopter alum, jacketing, landscaping, machine screed, plan, project, pvc, renovation, restoration, roof insulation, siding, well, well water, roof insulation, external facade
MORTON MEDICAL        Türkiye     Deniz BESER    
s anesthesia, disposable medical products, drainage, infusion, morton, morton medical, single use medical products, suction
HDPE MISR        Mısır     YAHIA ABD ELFATAH    
s water pipe, water pipes, hdpe water pipe, hdpe water pipes, drainage, drainages
YORKA INSAAT GIDA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Idris Nabi Kurt    
s canal, clean water, construction, contracting, decoration, dirty water, drainage, ductile, ductile pipe, electricity, factory, gardening, gas, germination, granite cube, home, house, housing, industry, infrastructure, insulation, landscape, marble, ornamental pond, paving, plumbing, ptt, residence, sewer, sheathing, site management, swimming pool, tile, villa, warehouse, waste water, contracting
PLASTI-MED        Türkiye     mert tarioglu    
s medical, disposable, anesthesia, urology, drainage, ostomy
HANDAN FUMEI MACHINE MANUFACTURING        Çin     Handan Fumei Machine manufacturing Co LTD wang xia    
s manhole cover, ductile iron manhole cover, drainage, drain, gully grating
MEAGRUP        Türkiye     muhip gurpinar    
s drainage, manhole
AYTEKIN SERA SISTEMLERI        Türkiye     Imad SHAYAH    
s greenhouse materials, greenhouse equipments, greenhousing materials, greenhousing equipments, turkish greenhouse materials, turkish greenhouse equipments, turkish greenhousing materials, turkish greenhousing equipments, greenhouse gutters, greenhouse profiles, greenhouse fastening equipments, greenhouse hardwares, greenhouse pipes, greenhouse processed pipes, greenhouse pipes and profiles, greenhouse galvanized sheet metals, greenhouses, turkish greenhouses, turnkey greenhouses, greenhouse, coupling, clamps, couplings, bolts, fans, clamp, bolt, greenhouse accessories, drainage, fan, greenhouse equipment, greenhouse pipe, greenhouse, greenhouse plastic, greenhouse material, greenhouse accessory, greenhouse constructions, greenhouse plastics, greenhouse clips, greenhouse airconditioning systems, condensation gutters, drop gutters, aluminium gutters, drainages, greenhouse doors, arch pipes, greenhouse gutter, greenhouse fastening equipment, greenhouse hardware, greenhouse processed pipe, greenhouse pipe and profile, greenhouse galvanized sheet metal, greenhouse construction, greenhouse clip, greenhouse airconditioning system, condensation gutter, drop gutter, aluminium gutter, greenhouse door, arch pipe
s bathroom accessories, concealed cisterns, push buttons, plastic cisterns, flush mechanisms, float mechanisms, siphons, shower sets, wc seat covers, valves, flexpex, mixtures, cisterns, toilet seats, flush valves, float valves, drainages, mounting frames, shower systems, faucets, disabled accessories, shower drains, mirrors, complement accessories, extensions, cistern, toilet seat, flush valve, valve, handrail, float valve, siphon, extension, hoses, faucet, hose, mirror, soap holder, paper towel dispenser, shower set, bathroom accessory, shower heads, drainage, handrails, trash bin, hotel accessories, liquid soap dispenser, sliding shower set, sliding shower sets, shower chair, soap holders, sponge holder, shower head, wc brush holder, paper towel dispensers, liquid soap dispensers, make up mirror, angel valves, angel valve, sponge holders, hook sets, make up mirrors, disabled mirrors, shower drain, shower system, disabled mirror, mixture, mounting frame, disabled accessory, plastic cistern, wc seat cover, complement accessory, over shower sets, hanger shower sets, built-in shower heads, toilet roll dispensers, shower chairs, trash bins, wc brush holders, sole filters, cross valves, quadro valves, cistern buttons, brass hotel products, stainless steel hotel products, toilet roll holders, t siphones, u siphones, pop up caps, over shower set, hanger shower set, built-in shower head, toilet roll dispenser, sole filter, cross valve, quadro valve, cistern button, brass hotel product, stainless steel hotel product, hotel accessory, toilet roll holder, hook set, t siphone, u siphone, pop up cap
ALYAMAN TIBBI CIHAZ LTD. STI.        Türkiye     alyaman company    
s medical, hospital supplies, iv cannula, monitor, oxygen mask, nebulizer mask, surgical suture, medical supplement, orthopedic supplement, casting tape, splint, nelaton catheter, foley catheter, urine bag, medical devices, iv set, blood bag, ultrasound devices, wheelchairs, spinal needle, plaster, gauze, cotton, syringe, endotracheal tube, autoclave, ultrasound jell, povidone, feeding tube, medical gown, three way- laryngeal mask, air way, central venus catheter, umbilical cord clamp, nebulizer device, latex glove, walker, surgical gloves, laboratory devices, drainage, latex gloves, plaster of paris bandage, laboratory kits, thoracic catheter, alchol
MSA PEYZAJ LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Murat SARIASLAN    
s landscape, aesthetic, herbal landscape, street furniture, structural landscape, wooden camels, wooden play houses, wooden clubs, fences, pots, trashcan, lighting accessories, wooden pergolas, bridges, garden design, garden decoration, tennis court, astroturf, astroturfs, basketball fields, volleyball fields, project, landscaping, pruning, fertilization, spraying, garden care, rock gardens, germinating, ponds, ornamental pools, waterfalls, drainage, drainage studies, vertical gardens, lighting, outdoor furniture, garden furnitures, playground, trash can, infrastructure projects, sports equipments, flooring, garden lighting, drainage systems, infrastructure works, garbage containers, artificial grass, decorative furnitures, artificial turf, astroturf, grass, outdoor sports equipment, sport fields, sport field, children's playgroups, grass applications, roof garden, automatic watering, kids playgrounds
KSB-POMPA ARMATUR A.S.        Türkiye         
s water supply, water treatment, water transportation, waste water, urban wastewater transportation, urban wastewater treatment, industrial waste water, biogas, flood control, nuclear power plants, building technique, drainage, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, mine, automation, process control, product design, interactive training applications, service and spare parts, spare parts
s irrigation system, sprinkler, sprinkler system, water system, landscape, drainage, drainage system, sprinkler
WALLSER ISOLATION CO. LTD.        Türkiye     Wallser Yalıtım    
s membrane, isolation membrane, water isolation, waterproofing membranes, bridge membrane, roof membrane, floor membrane, drainage, structure, construction chemicals, construction, build, floor insulation, ground insulation, insulation, atactic polypropilen, joint filler, tunnel insulation, tunnel isolation, tunnel membrane, dam insulation, dam membrane, floor insulation
GD GENCDOKUM        Türkiye     Tolga Yegen    
s manhole, rain gratings, casting products, cover, gully, hinged, iron casting, nodular iron casting, noldular, infrastructure, casting, rain water, grill, polymer channell, polymer concrete, drainage, drainer
KEN INSAAT ITH. IHR. YAPI LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s roofing, waterproofing, drainage, geotextiles, thermal insulation, sound insulation
s construction, pump, booster, drainage, valve, isolation, honeywell